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A must-have guide for a beginner to understand a UX resource landscape, and figure out your path to become a UX designer.

A high-level overview of UX educational resources currently available for aspiring to-be-UX designers including top college programs, bootcamps, books, online resources and more. It also shows you example journey paths of how people became UX designers, traits of great UX designers, the importance of collaborating with PM and engineers, and more. A comprehensive resource guide. 94 page total. Now v.1.0 available!

Table of contents


PART 1: UX resource landscape

  •   Chart 1: UX resource map – cost vs. time
  •   Chart 2: UX resource map – cost vs. structured information
  •   Chart 3: UX resource map – cost vs. comprehensiveness
  •   Chart 4: UX resource map – cost vs. practicality
  •   Chart 5: UX resource map – cost vs. pace
  •   Chart 6: UX resource map – cost vs. collaboration opportunity
  •   Chart 7: Best UX colleges in the U.S. – cost vs. time
  •   Best UX colleges in the U.S. – list
  •   Chart 8: Bootcamps / online courses in North America – cost vs. time
  •   Bootcamps and online courses in North America – list
  •   UX related books
  •   Free online UX resources
  •   UX online forums/communities

PART2: UX designer’s journey

  • UX designer’s journey – college path
  • UX designer’s journey – bootcamp path
  • UX designer’s journey – self-taught path
  • UX designer’s journey is a continuous learning!

PART3: UX designer’s traits

  •  12 traits of a great UX designer 

PART4: UX designer does not exist in a vacuum

  •  UX/PM/engineer collaboration — a critical factor for a product’s success 

PART5: Looking into the future

  • Will UX design continue to be relevant in the future? 
  •  Will A.I. take over UX designer’s jobs? 
  •  An example UX opportunity in today’s robotics space 
  •  How to start your own UX project 
  •  UX process vs. creativity 
  •  Design Systems 
  •  Roles and responsibilities of UX designers 
  •  UX designers are evangelists 
  •  Are you ready to take your next step? 
  •  Thank you 


The UX Resource Map is something that will remain handy long after the course is completed. A truly valuable tool that can also be used to help create awareness around UX with its amazing listing of various relevant resources!

S.M., Montreal

Ryu bestows invaluable information on us. This is the UX dictionary – it is our journey map to help us navigate our UX career. He provides clarity and perspective on the field of UX by giving us the information to help us make the best decisions for ourselves.

M.G., California

Great resources that is very beneficial for UX designers at any stage!
I found this document very well written and explained. Shows a complete picture of what is out there for UX. Great resource to make the right move to get into the world of UX!

R.T., California

Honestly, I get this question at least once a month: 
“I am interested in becoming a UX designer. Where do I start?” 
This Resource Map would be the place I would point those looking for help to. This alone is hours worth of research compiled beautifully and comprehensively. Ryu understands exactly what questions someone starting their journey would think about and he has all the answers in there!

Neeharika Gupta, Product Design Manager, VMware