RealWorldUX is passionate about helping aspiring to-be UX designers becoming successful User Experience Designers. Here are Ebooks you can download for free.

UX Resource Map Next

A high-level overview of UX educational resources currently available for aspiring to-be-UX designers including top college programs, bootcamps, books, online resources and more. It also shows you example journey paths of how people became UX designers, traits of great UX designers, the importance of collaborating with PM and engineers, and more. A comprehensive resource guide. 94 page total. Now v.1.0 available!

Prototype Resource Map Next

A Comprehensive overview of today’s 3 most popular prototyping tools: Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch. In addition to an overview of each software and a comparison between them, this ebook walks you through various insights that are super-useful to aspiring UX designers when creating a UX prototype. 118 page total.