#73 Launching UX Resource Map Next [94 page free ebook]

I just launched UX Resource Map Next, and I’m really excited to share this news with you. This is a 94 page free ebook to help aspiring to-be UX designers finding their ways to become UX designers by providing UX resource landscape.

The previous version: UX Resource Map

The previous version called UX Resource Map has been available for the past few years, and very popular.

UX Resource Map was a 41 page ebook that covered an overall UX resource landscape including college courses, bootcamps, online courses, books and blogs.

It also covered UX designer’s journey, how people have become UX designers through what kind of career path. It also included what are the traits of great UX designers.

While UX Resource Map already had so much valuable information on UX resource landscape, the new UX Resource Map Next is a major upgrade to the previous version.

In addition to all the content from UX Resource Map, I added several new content.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s newly added here.

What’s new in UX Resource Map Next

UX designers traits are now its own section with 12 pages, explaining each trait more in-depth.

The next section, “UX does not exist in a vacuum” is a completely new section dedicated for stressing the importance of collaborating with PM and engineers to be successful as a UX designer working in a product team.

This section is based on a Medium article that I published previously with a title called, “UX/PM/engineer collaboration – a critical factor for a product’s success”. I consider this as one of the most important things that anyone who wants to become a UX designer should understand.

The last section, “Looking into the future” is a completely new write up, where I share my high-level perspective on how relevant a UX designer as a profession is going to be in the near future given where technology is headed. 

This section also talks about concrete, pragmatic skills. This includes how to start your own project. UX process vs. creativity. Design systems. Roles and responsibilities of UX designers. UX designers’ roles as evangelists.

Download now

Reading through this ebook will definitely evoke a lot of thoughts and excitements in you.

It should give you a much clear idea on how to move forward. It should also give you what action you should take next to start pursuing your exciting career to become a UX designer!

The link to download UX Resource Map Next is this.

There’s so much in here that I cannot explain in this short article.

This is something that you should download. Take time and read through carefully at your own pace.

Which is why I made this as a free ebook. Anyone who wants to become a UX designer and eager to learn can download and own it.

So, happy downloading, and good luck with your career!

Also, check out YouTube version.

Below is a previous article on the previous version: UX Resource Map.

#16 UX Resource Map: a holistic perspective on UX resources to help aspiring to-be-UX designers

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