#2 Collaboration with PM and engineer is critical for a UX designer

UX designer needs to have a good understanding of a product roadmap and a value proposition of what you are designing for.

When you are studying UX, you focus deeply within the world of UX, which tends to put UX in a vacuum.

But in reality, UX does not exist by itself.

UX is part of a larger product team.

Nothing happens without collaboration with PM and engineers.

A beautiful UX prototype means nothing if it’s not implemented as a real product, which needs to be coded by engineers.

And engineer’s work is prioritized by PM, who owns a product roadmap.

Many UX education tends to ignore this important reality.

But this is critical for a success of a UX designer.

UX advocates users through user-centered design, with must be heard by a larger product team, especially by PM and engineers.

Ultimately, UX solution needs to be balanced with product roadmap and engineering feasibility.

UX may need to be adjusted if it’s not feasible to implement under the current roadmap and engineering resources, which requires tight collaboration with PM and engineers.

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